Volunteer For Peace

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Believing in Education to be the key to



A healthy, empowered and peaceful world.



providing equitable access to skills and chances needed


Volunteer For Peace

VPeace is formed by dedicated and passionate refugees committed to changing their communities. We believe we can make it to a healthy, empowered, and peaceful world if we join hands and pull in the same direction.

Volunteer For Peace work in the following Values

  • we foster diversity
  • we are innovative
  • we lead sustainable impacts
  • we operate transparently
  • we are reliable
  • We are of high integrity
  • we are committed to serve
  • we are trustworthy



Education is a human right… Believing in Education to be the key to change the world, VPeace provides access to quality education and supports disadvantaged groups (Orphans, street children, disabled, and child mothers) to get the education to lead a purposeful life with hope.

Youth Empowerment

Water is life and promoting a disease-free world is our responsibility.



Through various entrepreneurial skills training, VPeace engages in the fight against poverty and supports Refugees and host communities’ economic development.

Stand With Boys Club

As an Initiative of involving boys in the fight against gender based violence and promote Gender equality, VPeace believes that Boys needs to be mentored for a violence free World.   Our aim in this project is to discourage the belief that sees a BOY CHILD as self-resilient able to cope up with life changing situations yet he needs guidance, support and consideration.     Support Boys to promote men of courage, conscience and character to live with integrity, protect and provide for their families.               A boy child need your assistance to live a purposeful life.