About Us

About Us


“VPeace” is a community-based organization of public interest formed by volunteers guided by a mission of providing equitable access and chances to skills needed for peaceful co-existence, integrating youth and women for social and economic development. In supporting its mission as a social responsibility, the Vpeace Act(2020) articulates three core goals to advance a vision of world peace, sustainable development, and friendship:
1 To promote better understanding for social-economic development.
1 Empowering refugees and host communities to work cooperatively for environmental sustainability and peaceful co-existence.
1 To create, develop, mobilize for and promote a supportive environment for refugees.
In Refugee settlements there is rampart poverty, people surrounded by conflicts, school dropout, teenage pregnancies, early marriages, domestic violence, child abuse and a lower life expectancy. VPeace is to empower youth and women to alleviate conflicts and poverty, reduce illiteracy, improve togetherness and strengthen peaceful coexistence.


Volunteer For Peace work in the following Values


  • we foster diversity 
  • we are innovative 
  • we lead sustainable impacts
  • we operate transparently
  • we are reliable 
    We are of high integrity 
  • we are committed to serve 
  • we are trustworthy